Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DLP claims Vic Senate seat as count continues

Possible DLP Senator John Madigan
The sixth and final Senate seat in Victoria is still up in the air with the Democratic Labor Party claiming the seat just ahead of Family First's Steve Fielding and Liberal Julian McGauran.

While the DLP only finished fifth on first preferences, behind Liberal, ALP, Greens and Family First, they do well with preferences from other minor parties, including, crucially, the Christian Democratic Party, who preferenced the DLP ahead of Family First.

However the ABC's Senate calculator is now showing the DLP being eliminated before Family First, with Family First not having enough votes to hold out Senator McGauran.

Despite this the DLP is virtually claiming victory on their website:

'After an extremely successful senate campaign and despite the fact that no one in the electronic or print media gave the DLP so much as a footnote, the people of Victoria have put John Madigan in the position of becoming the first DLP Senator in 35 years. Although the final figures will not be known for up to two weeks John is well placed to take the final Victorian Senate Seat.

'It is a shame that this possible DLP victory will come at the cost of Senators Julian McGauran and Steve Fielding who have given such strong and determined service on behalf of the people of Victoria.'

Mr Madigan is a blacksmith, skills that may well benefit him in the Senate.


  1. John Madigan of the Democratic Labor Party will be an asset to the Senate if he wins the seat. He supports Christian values but is not judgemental. He is 100% pro life as are all candidates for the DLP.
    The DLP has Peter Kavanagh in the Upper House of Victorian Parliament and he is up for re election in November. Peter Kavanagh fought the Abortion LAw Reform Bill 2008 and the euthanasia Bill and has been pushing for more restrictions on poker machines

  2. I think having John Madigan will again remind people of who we should elect.
    Could you imagine our forefathers returning to see both houses dominated by two parties and lawyers being the most common candidate for either of the duopoly.

    John being elected is great for Australia, great for anyone who believes in the labour movement and great for all Australians who love respect their Judeo Christian heritage.

    Good on ya John. Great to at last have a real member of parliament that people can relate to.

  3. I am a worker, the Democratic Labor Party is the true workers party, I am proud to have voted for them and John Madigan to be a voice for the workers, who in this country have become the last, the lost and the least. Long live the Democratic Labor Party

  4. I can't believe there is actually going to be a straight down the line, honest politician in Canberra next July. John, you have created a precedent, my friend. All power to you and the good work you will do there. Canberra should be chocker block full of people like you. :)

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