Saturday, April 16, 2011

Status quo for Christian parties in NSW upper house

Christian parties neither increased or reduced their presence in the NSW Legislative Council in the March 2011 election. Shoalhaven Mayor Paul Green, standing for the Christian Democratic Party, replaces Gordon Moyes who represented Family First (after a mid-term departure from the CDP).

Once again, the two parties struggled to find agreement in how best to maximise the impact of those voters who choose to vote for a Christian party, with preference agreements falling down.

Paul Green joins Rev Fred Nile in the LC and together with the two Shooters and Fishers will play a significant role in sharing the balance of power in the current parliament. Green plans to continue on as Shoalhaven Mayor.

Gordon Moyes, his stint in NSW Parliament at an end, plans to use his time and experience in mentoring young Christian leaders, with a particular focus on politics.

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