Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Election 2013 has religious overtones from beginning

From the day of its announcement, the 2013 Australian federal election has had religious overtones.

Choosing Yom Kippur - the Jewish Day of Atonement, this year starting on September 13 and concluding on the evening of September 14 - would be to Christians something like holding an election on Christmas Day.

And while most Australians of faiths other than Christianity are realistic about not having their special days featuring on the national calendar in the same way as Easter or Christmas, they might just expect to avoid competing with a national poll.

Still other Australians, of no or indifferent faith, will be asking what the fuss is about and are probably trying not to think about the election at all.

Finally, for the many for whom AFL is the religion of choice, they will feel vindicated that the Prime Minister has most carefully avoided their most holy of days.

Whether we like it or not, religion - or as we will more often describe it - faith is a fact of life and a reality of political life. And if you need a sign of its importance, then the intersection of election and holy day may be just for you.

We are reviving Australian Christian Voter for just that reason. There are many Australians who hope faith, especially the Christian faith, has a significant influence on the policies and outcome of the next election. There are many other Australians who hope, vehemently, that it doesn't and instead have their own special agenda. That is the nature of politics.

Australian Christian Voter is really for the average Australian, who may have an active or even dormant faith, or none at all, who seeks to be slightly better informed about what Christians and others are saying about policies, candidates and issues in the lead up to the election. And with good conscience cast a decent vote.

So with 226 days and about 21 hours until the September 14 election, lets keep open minds, ears and eyes as to how to cast our vote - and perhaps our noses might be useful for a whiff of pretense, or something stronger...

Reaction from Jewish politicians

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