Monday, March 4, 2013

Seeking Julia Gillard's western Sydney speech

Julia Gillard, western Sydney, speech, transcript, UWS, electionJulia Gillard yesterday delivered a five point plan for western Sydney and elaborated on her belief in opportunity as the key to improved quality of life - but as of at least 1:24am the following day a full transcript of the speech is yet to appear, anywhere.

This is perhaps surprising for an important speech given at the start of one of the most highly publicised Prime Ministerial appearances in recent time.

Oh well, perhaps everyone from the PM's office was kicking back at Rooty Hill RSL...

In the meantime, Malcolm Farnsworth's was the first to post a full recording of the speech and when it does arrive, the full transcript should be found here.

And the five point plan for western Sydney:
  • Support jobs and put Aussie workers first,
  • Deliver high-speed broadband to the region, 
  • World-leading education for children,
  • Insurance against disability, and
  • Help in managing the pressures of modern family life and modern society. 
The Liberal party countered the Prime Ministers speech by listing 18 promises the Prime Minister has broken to western Sydney.

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