Saturday, September 7, 2013

ABC predicts Family First candidate Bob Day elected to Senate in South Australia

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Family First South Australian Senate candidate Bob Day AO may become the second Senator for the party, following Steven Fielding's single term in Victoria from 2004.

While the Australian Electoral Commission Virtual Tally Room is still only showing primary votes, the ABC election pages are calculating the preference flow of all parties and describing as elected Senate candidates in South Australia:

1 Cory Bernardi, Liberal Party
2 Nick Xenophon, Nick Xenophon Group
3 Penny Wong, Australian Labor Party
4 Sarah Hanson-Young, Australian Greens.
5 Bob Day, Family First Party.
6 Simon Birmingham, Liberal Party.

If accurate, this represents the major electoral achievement of parties associated with the Christian vote in the 2013 election.

Other Senate outcomes

In separate news, the Christian Democratic party may have missed out on a Senate seat in NSW due in part to an unusually large vote for the Liberal Democrats, who have won a Senate seat. A second reason is the failure of Christian parties to preference one another. For example the DLP preferenced One Nation and Family First the Motor Enthusiasts Party and these preferences did not flow to CDP before they were excluded.

The Liberal Democrats were in the first column on the NSW Senate paper and the Liberal Party was concerned that some voters would accidentally vote for the Liberal Democrats. Their vote in NSW is far larger than in other states, perhaps supporting this theory, to the detriment of the CDP.

In other results, Nick Xenophon went close to winning two quota's outright, although the ABC is not giving them the second position on preferences.

The Palmer United Party seems to have won a Senate seat in Queensland with former rugby league star Glenn Lazarus likely to return to Canberra where he once starred for the Raiders.

In Victoria, the ABC is predicting the Motor Enthusiasts Party will come from behind on preferences to win the sixth seat despite a strong showing from Family First and Rise Up Australia.

This might one good example of the way Christian parties have let down Christian voters with their preferencing.

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  1. Also nice to see Rise Up Australia and Family First in WA preferenced the Sports Party ahead of Australian Christians helping that party to win a Senate seat rather than improving the likelihood of a Senator from a Christian party, which you would assume would be their priority. Nothing against the Sports Party, they used their skills to get great preference deals!