Sunday, May 30, 2010

CDP announces Shoalhaven mayor as lead Senate candidate

Mayor of Shoalhaven City Council, Paul Green, will lead the Senate ticket in NSW for the Christian Democratic Party.

CDP leader Rev Fred Nile has promised to announce high profile, non-clergy candidates across the country and this is one of the first.

Mayor Paul Green is well known on the NSW South Coast and Shoalhaven City covers 49 unique towns and villages. He also attracted a strong Senate vote in the 2007 Federal election.

'Paul Green was our CDP Senate Candidate in 2007 and achieved a good vote which, with preferences, put him within the final seven Senate candidates. We are very pleased that Paul Green has agreed to stand again as our CDP Senate candidate”, Rev Nile said.

'We believe in the current political environment that Mayor Paul Green has an excellent chance of winning the NSW Senate Seat and defeating the radical Green Candidate Lee Rhiannon.'

A registered nurse, Mr Green is married to Michelle with six children and he and his wife run a multimedia and photography business.

Speaking of commitment to voters, Mr Green said: 'My heart has always been in three places - my God, my family and my community. Our nation is predominantly Christian and I feel that some politicians in both major parties often stray from the core fundamentals that our community expects. Honesty and forgiveness are some of these core values that I respect greatly. Like all Australians, I have only wanted the best for my family. I want to ensure stability in their future so that our nation can continue to grow and prosper.'

He said that he had particular concern for those in need in society. 'I have always had a soft spot for those in need, and I have always tried to address those needs in a holistic way. Our Federal representative must be someone who cares for our community and holds true to their principles and sound traditional values.

'I know the problems our community is facing because I’m living with them too... education, health, (including dental and mental health), roads, regional development, immigration, local government (constitutional recognition and fair funding), sustainable population growth, water, climate change and work place reform – but major party buck passing and political loyalties won’t solve these problems,' Mr Green said. 

To asssit with Mr Green's campaing, please contact him on 0413 494 405 or email His website is PH 

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  1. I think it will take a Green to defeat the radical Green Candidate...