Monday, May 31, 2010

Farmers identify property rights as key election issue

Rural communities have a long association with Christian values and so issues affecting farmers are highly relevant, if often unseen, to Christian voters.

Add to this that fact that on average, Australian farmers feed 150 Australians and 650 people overseas (1) , then the relevance of agricultural policy is evident.

NSW Farmers Association President, Charles Armstrong, has said that the Property Rights Campaign is the number
one objective of the NSW Farmers Association in the lead up to both the Federal and NSW State Election.

'From the Senate Inquiry into Native Vegetation Laws, and Federal laws on biodiversity, through to mining legislation
and conversion covenants at the state level, farmers in NSW are facing a barrage of regulation impacting how they run their farms.'

For the full story in The Farm Post click here

(1) Australian Farm Institute figures.

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