Sunday, July 25, 2010

ABC's online religion portal dismisses Christian vote

'The last two federal elections were deformed by the way that leading figures from both political parties blatantly fawned to that most gullible of electoral commodities: the so-called "Christian vote." But because there can be no such thing as a "Christian vote," given the sheer diversity of conviction, belief and moral sensibility that is represented across churches in this country, such a description must necessary act as code for one variety of Christianity in Australia - unfortunately, the most unengaged, uninformed, easily seduced kind.'

So writes Scott Stephens, the Religion and Ethics editor for ABC Online. Read his full article.

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  1. How does a Christian decide where to cast their vote when an election is looming? It is not simply a matter of placing ticks in boxes on a ballot paper and hoping your chosen candidate wins their seat. If it were that simple then I would not be writing this blog.

    A person with the right to vote in an election also carries a very real responsibility to ensure that their vote is not wasted, or ‘bartered’ away in some back room deal. They need to know what policies their chosen candidate and their political party stand upon.