Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sex Party claims lead to unholy row between Family First and CDP

An unholy row has broken out between Family First and the Christian Democratic Party over claims Family First considered a preference deal with the Australian Sex Party.

As ACV reported yesterday, Sex Party candidate, Fiona Patten, told the media that Family First approached her about a preference deal. This was strenuously denied by Family First saying they would never do any kind of deal with the Australian Sex Party and any meetings conducted were more about deciding who not to preference.

But a flurry of emails began this afternoon from both parties to churches and Christian leaders after Rev Fred Nile sought to damage Family First politically by publicising the claims through a press release.
A media release titled 'Family First?' and signed by Rev Fred Nile, restates the original Sex Party claims without inclusion of a Family First denial.

'Christians around the nation are in a state of shock after reports have come to light that Senator Steve Fielding's office of the Family First Party has allegedly been courting a former political adversary that advocates prostitution, hardcore pornography, euthanasia, full-term abortion and homosexual marriage,' the media release begins.

'Look I don't want to get into what Family First should and shouldn't be doing. But I will say this, the reports I'm getting are very concerning. It begs the question, what "family" are they putting first?' asked Rev Fred Nile.

'It pains me to see such compromise in this nation. Christians are called to be salt and light, to fight wrong not accommodate it! Right now, I feel for the many dedicated Christians who have made sacrifices to help Family First.'

Family First quickly emailed to churches and leaders a denial from federal chairman Bob Day but the email, deliberately or by accident, included what appeared to be personal email correspondence between Family First Senate candidate Greg Swane and Rev Nile.

'In this subject, Fred, of the Sex Party and Family First, because of your past experience of misrepresentation by the media and their intent always to discredit Christians, by your response and public comment have been played directly into the media's hands.

'You know Fred that Family First would not seek to do a deal with the Sex Party and yet you have reported that we have initiated and fostered this, without first checking your facts.

I am so disappointed in you Fred, that you have sort [sic] to take a political advantage in this issue against other Christians. If we as Christians cannot show respect for each other in the political realm how can we expect God to be using both of our parties for His kingdom,' Mr Swane's email reads.

Bob Day's denial was similar to that reported in ACV yesterday: 'I am the Federal Chairman and no preference arrangement can occur without my approval. Family First has not and would not ever contemplate a preference arrangement with a Party like the Australian Sex Party.

'This is a blatant attempt by the Australian Sex Party to discredit Family First. You might recall some months ago this Party took out large advertisements in The Advertiser expressing one of their key aims was to "stop Family First".'

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  1. Hello,
    As i am neither a 'christian' or a pro family first voter but i would be grateful if you would consider my views on this subject. I myself do see christianity in a good light which mostly have morals which i live by and agree with. It brings people together in the unity before god and brings joy and happiness to peoples life. But i do have an issue with this article in the way family first is dealing with this. Fsamily first although not for gay marrige, abortion etc... should know the values of christianity and familys. I do not see it right that they should shun what other people believe in or quote 'Family First has not and would not ever contemplate a preference arrangement with a Party like the Australian Sex Party.'Although people of a cristian faith may not agree with there principals they should not stop them in voicing their point of views but start to accept that everyone has their own point of view and whatever it is it should not stop them from working together for a better australia/ nation. There are so many people out there who feel depressed, confused and hurt just because instead of being met with love and compassion and acceptance they are met with hate and singled out from a crowd. This kind of behavior was not accepted by god or jesus and thus all christians should take a second to think before they get angry(not all christians by the way)or act and instead of condeming and saying that the way you are living is wrong etc try greet them with open arms. thank you for reading