Friday, February 1, 2013

(Election) Time for a deft look at Tony's faith says ABC

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The Prime Minister has said she will not be distracted by the election even though she has announced the date, but she may be in the minority.

The election is certainly colouring much media coverage (not the least our own) at present although whether this can be sustained for eight months remains to be seen.

An example is ABC's Religion and Ethics today advising followers on Twitter that, 'It's a good time to revisit @CUhlmann's deft treatment of the tension between Tony's faith and Abbott's ambition'.

If a good time refers to the fact that we'll be voting on September 14, then no doubt we'll also see something deft delivered from the archives on various other politicians and their faith - which will be helpful! From the article:
'Tony's Catholic voice is raised whenever he seeks to describe his political vocation. Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas echo when he tells Paul Kelly that politics is a way of giving glory to God: "This idea that politics is a managerial exercise, a simple question of resource allocation, I just think is dead wrong because politics is about inspiring people and persuading people there is value in what they do."'
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