Friday, February 1, 2013

God invoked twice on day two of longest election march

God was invoked twice today in circumstances that may have a bearing on the far off but announced federal election.

Daily Telegraph columnist Simon Benson says that '...fate or God's cruel design, made a mockery of Julia Gillard's claim that by calling the election early the government could rise above the political muck.'

He was speaking of the arrest and charging of former Labor MP Craig Thomson the day after Prime Minister Gillard's created Australia's longest federal electoral lead-up by announcing a September 14 poll.

Meanwhile Moses Obeid must have felt the spiritual vibe and brought Jesus, the friend sinners, into the corruption inquiry examining allegations that former NSW resource minister Ian Macdonald provided inside information to the Obeid family that has allowed them to make millions of dollars.

When asked about confidential documents and maps seized in a raid on his family's offices, Moses said 'it might have been drawn by Jesus Christ.'

Both investigations are electorally damaging to the ALP as it makes the long march to election day and we can only assume that many ALP supporters will be invoking God on their knees in the hope these dramas are long gone by then.

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