Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Humanism? Pragmatism? But nothing to challenge the Christian vision

Is Prime Minister Julia Gillard - a self-confessed atheist - guided by a humanistic moral vision or the pragmatism of political realities?

Mitchell Landrigan, a Visiting Fellow, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney and part-time PhD Candidate, Law School, University of NSW, addresses this issue in his article, 'The search for a godless vision of morality in Australian politics' posted on Online Opinion. He writes:
"On two political issues – gay marriage and asylum seekers – the Prime Minister's stance has perhaps led to confusion in the electorate about the ethical framework that guides the Prime Minister's decision-making.
"More specifically, the Prime Minister's unwillingness or inability to articulate an alternative moral model to Christianity – one based on secular humanism – has arguably resulted in cynicism about what guides the Prime Minister's values and has perhaps led to a perception amongst voters that these are purely pragmatic political choices..."
These issues are likely to come into sharper focus as interest groups prepare their offensives for an extended election campaigning period.

Read more of Mitchell's thoughts.

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