Thursday, August 29, 2013

Election campaign rage takes a tune for the worst, or better, depending on your musical choice

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About the worst election campaign rage we've seen so far is a miffed make-up artist and the now famous 'does this guy ever shut-up' quip which TV journos, scouring for excitement, optimistically labelled 'fireworks'.

But the rage turns up a notch from Friday, August 31, 11.30pm when three of the nation's top political 2ICs feature on ABC music show, rage.

Not so much their furious faces, but their fascinating selection of music with each pollie given 20 songs to select in the nocturnal music program.

The rage website says:

'Deputy Prime Minister Anthony “Albo” Albanese, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition Julie Bishop and Dr Adam Bandt, the Deputy Leader of the Greens will be hosting rage in an Election Special. In a rage first, sitting Members of Parliament will guest program the show offering a rare insight into politicians and their relationship with music. Each of the deputies picked 20 of their favourite songs, and share tales about hearing them for the first time, live gigs, run-ins with musicians and dancing around their living room. Which deputy had a song dedication from Bono at a U2 concert? Who’s the PJ Harvey fan? And which pollie has a penchant for French house music?'
Now there' some better questions than your average Q and A... The full playlist is due to be posted on the website sometime on Friday, August 31 but in the meantime, Daily Life reported having seen the lists and that:
  • Adam Bandt's playlist includes Talking Heads’ Girlfriend is Better and Bloc Party's Banquet.
  • Anthony Albanese's playlist includes The Pixies' Here Comes Your Man and The Triffids' Wide Open Road.
  • And Julie Bishop's playlist includes Queens' Bohemian Rhapsody and Madonna's Like A Virgin...

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