Saturday, August 17, 2013

Young Harry Potter readers likely to be Rudd voters says SMH editorial

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'83 per cent of those who had read Harry Potter regarded Bush poorly' reports the Sydney Morning Herald of research into younger voters views in the US Presidential election between George Bush and Barak Obama.

On that basis, says the Editorial headline, 'Harry Potter generation likely to have preference for Rudd' mainly on the basis that they've never had a chance to vote for him and so he may be considered as the 'new' option.

Kevin Rudd, Harry Potter, look alike, electionWhether or not that is true is a matter of conjecture but what is interesting is the assessment of the key messages of Harry Potter and the impact on younger Australians:
'Most of them have, however, read the Harry Potter books and taken in their messages about tolerance, diversity and scepticism of authority.'
And if you aren't convinced about the Rudd/Potter connection, then maybe it's the resemblance that will push you over the line.

For more discussion of Harry Potter, Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott and our electoral future,  check out the Sydney Morning Herald

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