Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's Kevin (September) 07 as Rudd announces election on National Threatened Species Day

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Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced the federal election will be held on September 7, a week earlier than previously announced by Julia Gillard and three years and 17 days after the previous election.

The five week formal campaign is predicted to be the most intense yet seen in Australia coming as it does after a highly contentious hung parliament and the ALP's own implosions followed by a last minute resurrection under Rudd.

September 7 is also National Threatened Species Day which seems fitting given that it is unlikely either major party leader could survive electoral defeat.

And the first thing to become extinct is the planned referendum on recognising local government in the Constitution as the earliest it could be held was September 14.

The Jewish community will appreciate the election being moved away from its holy day of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) on September 14 but the Australian Christian Lobby will have some reorganising to do.

The ACL has organised a Make It Count election panel for Wednesday, September 11 which was to provide: 'a unique opportunity for the church to be informed about Christian perspectives on policy issues.'

Presumably the ACL will endeavour to move the panel a week earlier - stay tuned for details: August 5 update - the Make it Count webcast will now occur on Monday, September 3, 7.30pm (EST).

Ironically, Kevin Rudd contributed to some reorganising of the last Make it Count event held on June 21, 2010. Rudd was deposed by Gillard three days after appearing in Make it Count alongside Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. Julia Gillard kindly recorded a late message to go on the website.

Perhaps worried that their plans might have again be thwarted by leadership instability, the ACL this year opted for a panel of eminent Christians to speak on issues relevant to people of faith and avoided current politicians altogether.

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