Monday, June 7, 2010

Coalition ahead of Labor and minor parties surge

The Herald/Nielson poll published today confirms last week's Newspoll showing that primary vote support for both major parties has fallen with increased support for The Greens, other minor parties (such as Family First) and independents.
At the same time, on a two party-preferred basis, the Coalition has 53% support compared to the ALP's 47%. Both major party leaders are less popular with an approval rating of 41% each. This is being touted as the first poll to show the government would actually lose the next election, due to the large margin in favour of the Coalition.

It would seem credibility gaps for both Labor and Liberal are, for the purpose of polling at least, pushing voters towards alternatives, making it a key time for these parties to press their claims.

Greens leader Bob Brown is doing just that and has said given record levels of support in polling, he should be allowed to participate in the leaders' debate during the election campaign. Read more poll results in the SMH.

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