Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rudd, Gillard and other ministers meeting now

Channel 7 is saying that Kevin Rudd will stand down from leadership. He's just arrived a a media conference. Julie Gillard has asked for a leadership vote and Kevin Rudd has agreed.

The Punch has a live blog of what is happening in a potential leadership challenge against Kevin Rudd tonight. ACV will bring you (below) some of these updates are click here to go to The Punch.

Update 10.10pm: Kevin Rudd is about to hold a press conference and Sky is reporting there will be a challenge first thing tomorrow morning.
Update 9.25pm: Just an observation. If Gillard has the whole caucus calling on her to move - how can she possibly refuse…

Update 9.24pm: Sky now reporting the NSW Right has moved behind Gillard - Rudd’s position now terminal.

Update 8.45pm: Peter van Onselen reports the Australian Workers Union has now shifted away from Rudd towards Gillard.

Update 8.28pm: Apparently lefties Lindsay Tanner and Anthony Albanese have joined the crew in Rudd’s office.

Update 8.18pm: Oakes says the factional leaders from the Right have told Julia Gillard they have lost confidence in the PM and they want her to take over. Gillard was undecided, and John Faulkner is operating as the “honest broker.” Oakes says it’s “deadly serious” and Wayne Swan is also in with Rudd right now.

Update 8.15pm: Goodness, Hey Hey it’s Saturday is about to do a news flash with Laurie Oakes.

Update 8.07pm: From Leo in Canberra: Simon Crean has put out a statement backing Rudd. Backing implies a contest. Looks like it’s on.

Update 8.05pm: David Speers says it started with the Victorian Right and now the South Australian Right has joined the party.

Update 8pm: The SMH had a great story this morning that Rudd’s chief-of-staff had been canvassing MP’s to gauge support. Those conversations might have set the cat amongst the pigeons.

Update 7.57pm: David Speers from Sky News has just written on Twitter: “it’s up to Gillard now. if she wants it looks like job is hers.”

Update 7.55pm: The 7.30 Report says the turning point was a shift in the stance of NSW Right power broker Mark Arbib, who was crucial to getting Rudd into the leadership in the first place.

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  1. Hmmm, maybe they will need to do another Make It Count!