Monday, June 21, 2010

Leaders perform well in successful webcast

Both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott performed well in their speeches and answers before a live audience of hundreds and internet audience of thousands during tonight's Make it Count webcast.

Both acknowledged the importance of the church in Australian society, committed themselves to the current definition of marriage, and supported the chaplaincy program for schools.

They were also careful to emphasis that government is not just for Christians but for people of all faiths and no faith.

Abbott gave more detail to a question on the sexualisation of children and said he supported a further review of this issue and an overhaul of the 'broken' censorship system.

Rudd said he was committed to an emissions trading scheme and was waiting for a 'dfferent' parliament after the election to pursue this. He spoke of continuing to move to fulfil the Millennium Goals and specifically mentioned Christian group, Micah Challenge, which is lobbying strongly for this.

Abbott gave an undertaking to fund school chaplains to 2014 while Rudd said funding would continue through to 2011 and he believed a review would support extended funding, but stopped short of a further commitment.

Abbott emphasised the need for real relationship between indigenous and other Australians before lasting reconciliation could occur while Rudd highlighted his government's compassionate stand on asylum seekers.

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