Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gillard moves quickly to end advertising deja vu

On June 11, Australian Christian Voter posted: 'Is the mining tax Labor's version of Work Choices? Anyone else getting a sense of deja vu?' It seemed Mr Rudd had created an almost identical political environment to the one brought on by John Howard's Work Choices which helped him lose the 2007 election.

Not surprisingly, the only definite policy statement in Julia Gillard's first speech as Prime Minister on Friday was that she was ending the mining tax advertising campaign and called on the mining industry to do the same, a hurried attempt to defuse a political time bomb.

In our June 11 post we said, 'In politics, history always repeats (no one learns their lesson the first time...) But it remains to be seen if the election outcome - the tossing out of the incumbent - will also follow suit.'

Julia, no doubt a keen reader of ACV, decided not to wait around and find out, but tossed out the incumbent herself... PH

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