Friday, June 4, 2010

Was Malcolm the first to take an Ipad to Parliament?

Liberal backbencher and former retiree, Malcolm Turnbull spent some of question time on Monday showing off his weekend purchase of a 64-gig, WiFi and 3G-connected iPad. This follows his previous early-adoption and display of the ebook reader, the Kindle.

Sydney Morning Herald journalist, David Marr observed: 'To his bemused companions he demonstrated the iPad's capabilities, tapping the screen as if totting up a cafe bill. Two flat whites: tap. The pastrami baguette: tap. Sparkling mineral water: tap. And when a vote required him to swap benches, 'Turnbull tucked his new toy under his arm and carried it across the chamber. He wasn't going to trust it to Labor. And he could show it off to fresh companions.'

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