Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nile hopes for less 'bias' in Make it Count webcast

Christian Democratic Party leader Rev Fred Nile believes John Howard's election loss was partly caused by bias in the 2007 Make it Count webcast and expressed hope that a similar upcoming event would be less biased towards Tony Abbott.

Make it Count is a national political webcast conducted by the Australian Christian Lobby in which the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition are invited to address Christians viewing in churches and answer questions by a selected studio audience. The 2007 webcast attracted more than 500 churches and 300,000 viewers and another is scheduled for June 21.

Commenting today on the two leaders' electoral prospects, Rev Nile said, 'The belief that Kevin Rudd could not be beaten has been shattered by the unexpected electorate support for Tony Abbott, whom I have known since 1979 when he was a University student.

'They will now debate together on Monday, June 21 2010 in Canberra,' Rev Nile said. 'We hope it will not be as biased against Tony as it was against John Howard, which helped to cause his defeat in 2007.'

The comments were contained in an email sent to churches and supporters titled 'Salt and Light - A black and white voice in a grey world of politics'.

Rev Nile continued: 'Kevin Rudd, by his policy failures, has lost the support of the Australian people and does not deserve to be re-elected. Tony Abbott MP, as our future Prime Minister, would provide positive Christian and economic leadership at this critical time in our Nation’s history.

'Please pray that God’s will be done in the Federal Election.'

Australian Christian Voter is seeking a response from Australian Christian Lobby to Rev Nile's comments about the Make it Count webcast. As of today, 143 churches across the nation have registered for the webcast.

Did you attend the 2007 Make it Count webcast and if so, do you believe it was biased? Please use the comment option below this posting for discussion of Rev Nile's comments.


  1. I was at the event at a church in Cardiff NSW I do believe that not challanging the fudging of the Christian commitment by Rudd was not helpful as it made him more palatable to the Christian Community that it should have. I am confident that a bias in favour of the percieved social justice of the ALP came through. The so call result was weighted with that bias in my view.

  2. Has there been any response to Fred Nile's claims from ACL?