Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gillard's views on links with the Christian community

With the sudden departure of Kevin Rudd and the rise of Julia Gillard as Prime Minister, thousands of Australian Christians are searching the internet for information about her position on issues of faith. Not surprisingly, the topic is also running hot in other circles, such as atheistic forums, who are happy to see the back of Kevin Rudd.

Very little has been written about Prime Minister Gillard's own religions convictions, if any, but she did have this to say on the ABC's Compass program back in May 2005.

'I think Labor has to learn how to connect with many of the elements of our new and growing communities. And certainly the evangelical or Pentecostal churches is one of those elements. And I don’t think we should be shy, even for those of us that value the sort of secular tradition that’s grown up within the Labor Party. I don’t think we should be shy of forging connections with those sorts of community groups.'

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