Friday, June 4, 2010

Fox tells Rudd: follow Jesus' example

It's been a torrid time for both Labor and Liberal leaders in recent weeks, with the credibility of Mr Rudd and Mr Abbott both called into question.

So today's advice from one of Australia's leading businessmen, Lindsay Fox, to follow Jesus' leadership example could only be described as timely.

Mr Fox said that the Prime Minister needed to learn how to delegate and referred to Jesus unwritten leadership book.

‘You have to delegate some authority [to ministers],’ Mr Fox said.

‘In the case of Jesus Christ, he had 12 disciples and those disciples carried his message long after he was gone.’

Given that both Mr Rudd and Mr Abbott would count themselves as disciples of Jesus, let's hope that as we head towards an election that its not just the principle of delegation of which they take note. PH

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