Sunday, August 22, 2010

Barnaby might regret tangling with Windsor before election

National Senator Barnaby Joyce touched on the issue of a hung parliament in an open letter to Independent MP, Tony Windson, published in the Northern Daily Leader, Tamworth.

Implying that Mr Windsor didn't bother to turn up at parliament to participate in votes, Senator Joyce may now regret his open attack on Mr Windsor.

The letter gives an insight into the animosity between Mr Windsor, Qld Independent Bob Katter and the Nationals:

'An open letter to Tony Windsor MP

03 Jun, 2010 04:00 AM

I have read The Northern Daily Leader for many years and have always found it a fair and balanced paper. So I am sorry that The Leader has been accused of political bias (“MP accuses The Leader of political bias”, 1/6/10) from the local federal member, Tony Windsor, for simply expressing a different view.

Mr Windsor must realise that other parties have the right to stand candidates and express views different from his own. The federal seat of New England and the state seat of Tamworth are not owned by him, but the people. They will make a decision at the coming state and federal elections.

Who knows, they may even vote for someone who actually turns up to vote in Parliament?

Who knows, they may even vote for someone who is opposed to the reckless spending of the Rudd government, which has left Australians a legacy of $143 billion of debt and growing?

And, who knows they may vote for someone who will oppose Mr Rudd’s emissions trading scheme which will tax everything you see, touch and do in New England?

I think that the people of New England are looking for a change of government. But Mr Windsor, by his own words, is contemplating leaving the Rudd government in power in the event of a hung parliament. No wonder many people are expressing a different view from him.

Senator Barnaby Joyce

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