Monday, August 9, 2010

Will we remember the world's poor this election?

Christian social justice organistion Micah Challenge and Make Poverty History are hoping to mobilise thousands of Australians to help focus politicians attention on the needs of the world's poor during the August 21 election campaign.

On August 11, they are making resources available for thousands of people on one day to ask the same question to the politicians, 'will you remember the world's poor?'

'It seems to me that our political leaders haven't asked themselves that question this election,' said MC national coordinator, John Beckett. 'We think it's an important question. It's a life and death question for millions of people in our world!

'In fact we think it is one of the most important questions that anyone promoting themselves as the potential leader of a large and wealthy nation should be asking themselves. Since they seem to have forgotten to ask themselves this question, we're going to ask it for them,' Mr Beckett said.

He urged people to raise the poverty question in unison this Wedneday, August 11 from 9am by visiting The Poverty Question page and following directions.

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