Friday, August 20, 2010

'Big Australia' election talk an excuse for selfish neglect: Bishop

Election-time talk of population downsizing only excuses ongoing selfishness and neglect, according to the Bishop of Parramatta, the Most Rev Anthony Fisher. It is not beyond human compassion to find 'room at the inn' for more than the few who are here already, he continued, in an article on the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta website, titled 'Is Green Australia the new White Australia?'

Bishop Anthony said that to close the borders of Australia to all but a favoured few (with the right skills) would diminish the nation, not just economically but culturally, morally and spiritually.

'To close the borders of our homes to all but a favoured few babies is also impoverishing. Australia can allow and should support larger family sizes than the present rate of one or two children per family.

'Governments, churches, business and the community must play their part in addressing the big infrastructure shortages in the cities, as well as providing incentives for decentralisation.

'It is not beyond human wit to find ways of doing this without destroying ecosystems, running out of water or being trapped in carparks called motorways,' Bishop Anthony said.

'My point is simply: Australia – including Western Sydney where I live – is nowhere near population overload. Our problem is a lack of appropriate planning, infrastructure and services to match our population.'

Read Bishop Anthony's full article.

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