Thursday, August 12, 2010

Disendorsed Liberal now a Senate candidate

Disendorsed former Liberal candidate for the NSW seat of Chifley, David Barker, is now running for the Senate and has attacked the Christian Democratic Party and Family First preference arrangements.

Mr Barker was disendorsed by the Liberals last month after posting anti-Muslim comments on Facebook.

Now running as a 'Christian independent', Mr Barker said the allocation of preferences by the Christian Democratic Party has increased the danger of a Greens senator being elected in NSW.

'The best strategy for stopping the Greens was for all the pro-family small parties and independents to preference each other tightly before going to the Liberal-National Coalition,' he said. 'By sending CDP preferences direct to the Coalition, Reverend Fred Nile has greatly boosted the prospects in NSW of the anti-Life, anti-family Greens.

'What the self-styled Christian parties have done is minimise the prospects of a Christian pro-life candidate winning the sixth Senate spot. The most likely result is a Greens victory, with the next most likely result the re-election of Senator Fiona Nash.'

Mr Barker is critical of Nationals Senator Nash who in the past has supported the abortion drug RU486.

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