Sunday, August 15, 2010

Internal problems confront Greens, Family First

Two minor parties, The Greens and Family First, are experiencing the rough and tumble of federal politics this weekend, both featuring in major newspaper articles detailing their difficulties.

Family First was the subject of story in the Fairfax media headlined, 'Sex, debt and heads that roll: a Family saga of biblical proportions'. The story highlights alleged financial difficulties and organisational problems including the dumping of a Victorian candidate after he came out in support of gay marriage.

Family First dispute the financial allegations and are not the only party caught out by running a candidate who they had to disendorse. The Liberals have done this twice, in NSW and Northern Territory.

Read the full article on Family First.

Meanwhile The Greens are divided over their policy on funding for non-government schools, an issue of concern for Christians in particular as many families choose to place their children in Catholic, Anglican or Christian schools.

In an article title 'School policy fractures Greens', the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Greens leader Bob Brown believed it was no longer to remove '$1000 per student' of funding from private schools. However NSW Greens upper house member John Kaye quickly responded saying he was disappointed by the Senate team's attitude.

The dispute is the thin edge of the wedge as The Greens come to terms with the electorates response to some of their more radical policies and the pressure a uniform national preference deal with Labor will bring.

Read the full article on The Greens.

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