Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good advice for last minute voters

Still to head up the street to cast your vote? In these final hours, here's a little last minute assistance:

Find your closest polling booth
Work out how to vote in the Senate
ACV's election summary
Last minute values checklist
Catering for an election night party
Election night coverage on TV
Something completely different

When I voted with my family today, the familiar aroma of a barbecue was the first sign of a polling venue, followed by the ubiquitous posters, leaflets and passionate (or bored) volunteers.

My polling booth was wet - dripping with water - tears or signs of a whitewash? I moved to a drier location, numbering all 84 preferences and taking about 10 minutes to do it!

So join the fun, and get out there and vote - polling places close at 6pm!

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