Friday, August 20, 2010

Family First answers environment questions

Family First's lead Senate candidate in NSW Greg Swane has responded today to questions about his party's environment policy.

Mr Swane said Family First is committed to tackling issues such as climate change, deforestation and marine sanctuaries as well working to achieving a fair and equable approach to the 'carbon tax issue'.

He said his major concern and focus was how the implementation and size of any carbon tax would affect the Australian family’s ability to survive financially.

'I want to comment on the alarmist focus of The Greens that implies that the environment is collapsing,' Mr Swane said in a statement sent to churches and supporters.

'I agree that the environment is under threat because of man’s neglect. However, The Greens would have us believe that if we do not do something dramatic now, it will collapse. This is incorrect and in many ways is scaremongering.

'The Greens commitment to immediately introduce a 20 per cent carbon tax if they achieve power in the Senate will bring catastrophic financial ruin to tens of thousands of ordinary Australians. Small business will be affected significantly by any large follow on CPI increases.'

Mr Swane cited a recent statement from the the Masters Builders Association of Victoria which said that such a tax would be devastating for the building industry, with housing affordability reaching crisis point, jobs lost, construction of vital community infrastructure halted and economic recovery threatened.

'The Greens liberalist policies do not contain any element of reality as to the cost and impact upon the Australian family and small business,' Mr Swane said.

'Their attitude is "we want everything now, regardless of the cost to the Australian economy". Please do not be deceived by their emotional appeal. The economic cost of their policies to Australia is very real.

'Our environment is important and there are many issues we need to address. Family First, and I, am committed to a proactive implementation of climate change initiatives, but believe that before any policies are introduced we need to look closely at the financial impact upon Australian families.'

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